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Why choose us

While other sources of Competitive intelligence like competition website, trade shows, events, competitor support sites are valuable, we at have decided to do the heavy weight-lifting for you and focus our software solution on the most valuable source of competitive and brand intelligence ( word of mouth from customers and employees).

We hope to solve the most important pain-point for brand Marketing professionals, business development teams, corporate strategy teams, product managers, sales and Market research teams looking to use competitive intelligence to their organizations advantage.

We are doing this by making sure our software is fully automated, using Artificial intelligence and analytics to solve the core challenges faced by practitioners ( gathering competitive data in an effective and timely manner, filtering the data effectively to get needed insights from raw information, and getting competitive analytics insight to make quick daily decision for business growth), and affordably too.

Automated data gathering

online on your brand and top Competition

Artificial intelligence

Executive summary and stats to give deeper insight on your data at your finger tips

Global web crawl coverage

Of Mainstream news websites, blogs, forum, tracking mentions of your brand and competition

Automated daily analytics report

on your brand and your top direct competition sent to your inbox

Personalised online analytics dashboard

for your brand, where you can see your brands reputation, consumer sentiments and progress daily, weekly and monthly

Daily global industry analysis

To keep you abreast of global happening in your industry while chasing your direct competitions

Great application and easy to use for me"
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Thanks, thanks and thanks for making this availabel to all ."
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"After using. i have become a loyalist and advocate for the brand
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"Can't go a day without this, thanks a lot for the innovation."
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Great stuff guys."
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